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Design meets function

In-house decor design, digital printing, individual motifs, production lot size 1, small series – in the trend towards individualisation, the advancing technical development enables new solutions that were previously either not possible or simply not economical.


Today, various materials such as glass, metal, textiles and plastics are printed on – however, direct printing on materials sometimes leads to limitations in the later product properties and the associated applications.


In order to guarantee the necessary durability and product properties in the respective application, we do not imprint – we manufacture standard-compliant melamine faced boards DecoBoard, high-pressure laminate (HPL) and HPL compact laminate as well as HPL bonded elements.


In order to give you more possibilities, we have further developed our individual concept together with our partners: In addition to the proven small-scale production from lot size 1, we now also offer you the possibility of developing small series with us – and this also depending on your requirements, as direct coated board DecoBoard, HPL and compact board or bonded element.


With the product configurator you can set the required field of application and the application profile so that all necessary information is bundled in one inquiry. You already have a motif – simply upload it and our experts will contact you and calculate your request.


You do not have a motif yet – no problem. Use our motif galleries, grouped according to the topics structures, textile structures, nature, graphics, semantics, children, material, art and furniture doors as a suggestion. If you wish, you can use these motifs directly or edit them together with us according to your ideas.

It is best to start directly – bring your desired motif in the required quantity on the right plate!

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Our products features

  • food-safe surfaces
  • easy to clean materials, high impact resistance
  • flame-retardant materials available
  • low emission materials available
  • moisture-resistant materials available

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Be inspired and get an impression of the wood-based materials and solutions that Pfleiderer provides!

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Your motif for almost any application

Individual for all applications

Pfleiderer offers the right product for almost any of your interior requirements, whether in furniture or interior design – depending on the area of application and requirements, technical features or design demands. The choice of direct-coated melamine resin boards DecoBoard, high-pressure laminate, HPL compact laminate or HPL bonded element, combined with the right carrier, makes it possible to find the right product for every application.

Doors & Interior Fitting

Whether public buildings, business premises or sophisticated residential properties: interior outfitting with wood-based materials unlocks a range of fascinating possibilities for designing space concepts and usage situations bespoke and visually attractive. Pfleiderer’s wood-based materials can be used to master all challenges, from static load-bearing construction elements to decorative panelling and matching furniture


Office & Education

Especially in education facilities and offices, an attractive environment is an important factor for the people who want to improve their prospects there and feel appreciated. The respective interior fit-outs should be realisable economically yet also visually appealing, functional and safe. Pfleiderer’s wood-based materials offer precisely the right starting point, as they meet the fire safety regulations, are low-maintenance as well as durable and can be customised thanks to flexible design options.


Home & Living

Your home is something very special. It is therefore extremely important to us that everything matches and feels exactly as it should – perfect and inviting. Wood-based panels from Pfleiderer are the perfect choice, as they combine a sustainable core with trendy finishes and surface textures.

Health & Care

There is no room for compromises in the healthcare area. Pfleiderer’s wood-based materials have properties that meet the strict medical and care sector requirements, from anti-bacterial and anti-slip coatings to low swell or fire resistant core materials and low-maintenance or food safe surfaces.


Cruise & Transport

Low weight, durability and a wide range of design options are extremely important when it comes to the interior fit-out of such spaces. Pfleiderer’s products are the number one choice in this area, as they not only offer an unlimited range of design options but are also easy to work with and can be adapted precisely to the respective dimensions and requirements.


Shop & Exhibition

In the retail trade and at trade fairs, the most important thing is to present your products and brands in an illustrative way. This also calls for a corresponding presentation architecture. With products that are easy to work with and are available in an extremely wide range of finishes and with sophisticated surface textures, Pfleiderer’s wood-based materials help you to add vital accents where it matters .


Hotel & Gastronomy

You can tell whether a hospitality establishment is outstanding at first glance: for example if it has a stylish interior with a modern reception area, functional rooms and – if it is a restaurant or café – a dining area whose quality equals that of the dishes served there. This is where Pfleiderer’s wood-based materials show their true strengths, as they permit matching design concepts throughout that will not lose their charm even after years of intensive use.


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