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  • top quality

  • competent consulting services

  • fair price-performance relation

  • freedom of design for creative projects

1. The motif

You create your own personal motif. It can be your own photos, logos, illustrations, texts or compositions of these. For ideas, simply ask us about the Pfleiderer data pool, which you are free to use. We also offer you assistance from our own in-house graphic designers: changes in colour, format, scales or completely new designs to your own ideas are possible. There are no limits to creativity. Several motif parts on a board can be implemented easily, as well as a large multi-part motif.

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2. The print

After you have submitted your print data, it is checked and prepared by Pfleiderer’s experts. You motif is printed digitally within the CMYK colour space. Colour adjustment to other colour systems (e.g. RAL, NCS, Pantone, HKS, etc.) is therefore only conditionally possible; the same applies to an approximation to the Pfleiderer plain colours. The quality of your Pfleiderer Individual decor depends on the quality of the print data you provide us with.

3. The core board

The motif is applied to the required coreboard. Melamine faced DecoBoard with a printable width of 2,050 mm enables a large design with minimum offcuts. HPL is characterised by its scratch and impact resistance and is also suitable for horizontal applications. A material mix made up of melamine faced DecoBoard, HPL, compact laminate and flat-bonded elements is also possible. We will be pleased to advise you on the choice of the correct texture for your motif.

What data is required?

Pixel data vs. Vector data

Pixel data is the name given to image data which is made up of individual image dots (pixels). To obtain a high-quality reproduction of such data, a certain resolution is required, so that the motif appears sharp and clear from a certain distance.

  • Possible data formats: Tiff, PSD, JPG
  • The data should be scaled to 1:1 with a resolution of 150 dpi.
  • If the data cannot be created on a scale of 1:1 due to the programme used, please use the scale of 1 : 10 with a resolution of 1,500 dpi.
  • The data must be created in CMYK colour space (8 Bit / channel) to the current ISO-Standard for coated paper. (European ISOcoated fogra27, ISOcoated, ISOcoated v2)
  • It is important to ensure that the data does not contain any alpha channels or cropping/clipping paths.

Vector data, mostly logos or graphics, do not consist of individual image dots, but mathematical functions instead. The advantage of this is that despite a relatively small quantity of data, the data is continuously scaleable without quality loss.

  • Possible data formats: Pdf/X-3:200 2
  • Vector data has no resolution and can therefore be scaled continuously. If you work with a scale, please let us know what it is.
  • The data must be created in CMYK colour space (8 Bit / channel) to the current ISO-Standard for coated paper. (European ISOcoated fogra27, ISOcoated, ISOcoated v2)
  • Special colours are implemented in the print according to the process colours. For any desired colour adjustments to other colour systems, the special colours contained in the document must be defined accordingly (Pantone, HKS, RAL). A one hundred percent match is not always possible. We will be pleased to create a sample for you.

Products and formats

Our maximum board printing formats for HPL, HPL compact, bonded elements and DecoBoard depend on the desired production quantities and formats. You can find the data here.


  • The listed formats understand including an all-round overfill.
  • Larger motifs must be tiled accordingly. We can also carry out this tiling for you by arrangement.
  • The quality of your individual decor is especially dependent on good digital data. We will therefore be pleased to help you to create or reprocess your data, should it not satisfy the profile requirements.
  • Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the processing of your individual order.


Melaminharzbeschichtete Platte

  • 2.800 x 2.100 mm from 5,5 m² up to 1.000 m²
  • 5.600 / 2.800 x 2.100 mm from 1.000 m²

Duropal HPL


  • 2.800 x 2.070 mm from 5,5 m² up to 1.000 m²
  • 4.100 x 1.300 mm from 1.000m²
  • 5.600 / 2.800 x 2.070 mm from 1.000m²
  • 2.050 – 5.300 x 1.300 mm from 1.000m²

Duropal HPL Compact


  • 2.800 x 2.070 mm from 5,5 m² up to 1.000 m²
  • 5.600 / 2.800 x 2.070 mm from 1.000m²

Duropal HPL bonded element

HPL-belegte Platte

  • 2.800 x 2.070 mm from 5,5 m² up to 1.000 m²
  • 4.100 x 1.300 mm from 1.000 m²
  • 5.600 / 2.800 x 2.070 mm from 1.000 m²

A cutting plan is needed if a large motif is divided between several boards. A 15 mm overlap is necessary  at the cutting lines to allow sufficient clearance for the trimmings.


Due to the production methods, slide differences in the dimensional accuracy can occur (shrinkage). To ensure you nonetheless obtain your required end format, we produce each motif with a standard all-round overfill of approx. 15 mm and corresponding cutting marks. For production reasons it is possible that the print area is not  parallel with the edge of the board. Colour variations may occur during subsequent production of individual boards in relation to already-supplied boards.

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