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CE label

The CE label (CE stands for Communauté Europèenne = French for European Community) is a label under EU law in connection with product safety. The CE label has been mandatory for chipboard, which is a construction product, since 01.04.2004. With the CE label, the manufacturer confirms the conformity of the product with the applicable EC directives and compliance with the “essential requirements” specified therein.


DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. and is the national standards organization of the Federal Republic of Germany with its headquarter in Berlin. Standards serve the purpose of rationalisation, comprehension, usability, quality assurance, compatibility, interchangeability, health, safety and environmental protection. Examples of standards in the production of wood-based materials: DIN EN 312 (chipboard), DIN EN 622 (MDF), DIN EN 14322 ( melamine-faced boards), DIN EN 438 (high-pressure laminate).

Formaldehyde limits

Irritations and health hazards due to emissions from formaldehyde-based products such as wood-based materials led to the establishment of guideline values and statutory emission limits in the 1970s and 1980s. Currently, we can offer carrier materials in accordance with the following limit values: E1/E05, CARB II/TSCA Title IV, F****



The FSC was established to promote ecologically adapted, socially beneficial and economically feasible management of the world’s forests, ensuring that the needs of the present generation can be met without compromising the needs of future generations. The FSC has defined globally uniform basic principles for responsible forest management. Indicators for their implementation are developed at national level according to a uniform procedure.


The IMO (International Maritime Organization) develops standards for the construction and subdivision of ships, fire protection equipment, installations, lifeboats, and for the training and certification of seafarers. In addition, the organisation defines protocols for the investigation of accidents at sea, which the authorities of the signatory states to the Convention on International Civil Shipping follow. In order for products to be used on ships, they must pass through appropriate assessment procedures.



The “International Organization for Standardization” – ISO for short – is the international association of standardization organizations and develops international norms in all areas except electrical and electronic engineering.


The content of the certification system for sustainable forest management PEFC is based on international resolutions of the follow-up conferences to the Rio Conference on the Environment (1992). In concrete terms, these are the criteria and indicators adopted by 37 nations in the Pan-European Process at the Ministerial Conferences on the Protection of Forests in Europe (Helsinki 1993, Lisbon 1998, Vienna 2003). The primary objective of PEFC is the documentation and improvement of sustainable forest management in terms of economic, ecological and social standards.


RAL UZ 76 – Blauer Engel

In the wood-based materials sector there is also the possibility of having particularly environmentally friendly products labelled with the Blauer Engel. In the case of particleboard, formaldehyde emission is an important criterion for the award of the Blauer Engel. For boards which, due to so-called formaldehyde scavengers, have an emission that is approx. 50 % lower than standard boards, the environmental label RAL UZ 76 – Blauer Engel is awarded because they are low-emission. The panels are certified by the RAL Institute for the award of this environmental label.

Fire protection

Preventive fire protection is particularly important in public areas – for individual furniture and interior fitting elements, wall fittings and partitions, shopfitting, trade fair stands, boatbuilding, caravans, hotels, spas, medical centres, offices and living spaces. Pfleiderer Pyroex products for preventive fire protection have all necessary certificates, for comprehensive planning security.

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